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Yield & Sizing Services

Orchard Productivity

FarmAperture provides a clear and visual layout with key insights detailing your orchard’s performance.

  • View tables, graphs, and heat maps of fruit count and sizing by block, row, and tree.
  • Histograms display the relative distribution of fruit size for each block.
  • Closely monitor how your fruit develops across the season and directly compare with your target fruit profile.
  • Step back in time and visualize issues impacting crops utilizing historic images.

Block Performance

Users can further filter their view to focus on information for selects blocks, rows, and trees. For each of these view levels, you can display specific agronomic insights including average fruit per tree, mean/median fruit size, and projected total fruit count among other potential insights.

  • Satellite maps of blocks can be overlayed with heatmaps for geospatial analysis of yield and size performance.
  • Heatmaps and graphs allow you to quickly focus on underperforming regions to target treatment and maximize your team’s productivity.
  • Use sizing heatmaps to devise a picking schedule which balances the large and small fruit entering the packhouse.
  • Compare yield and sizing graphs of each row to identify which regions need more thinning.

Key Insights

With an intuitive, easy, cloud-based web interface, FarmAperture has a host of features enabling you to easily interpret and share insights with key players across your organization.

  • Access insights as surveys are performed.
  • Use a geo-tag-based messaging system to track issues affecting crops.
  • Easily share insights across your organization with relevant managers


Dynium’s Yield & Sizing services deliver benefits across our business

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Introducing Dynium's CropScout

Yield vs. Size

Use the slider to change between yield and size

We believe in Sustainability

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs

Plan pack house operations before harvest with added clarity on incoming fruit volumes

Optimise in-field harvest resourcing, including labour requirements, and bin placement

Book cold storage early in the season and avoid volatile spot pricing. Identify spare capacity and take on more growers

Equip your sales team with accurate upcoming availability and adjust pricing to upcoming market trends

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Target crop treatment resources according to return by monitoring the value of variants growing in the orchard


Validate your team performance and R&D programs using tables, graphs and heatmaps of apple yield and sizing performance

Our Process

You have access to a manager who plans and supervises scans while keeping you updated during the process. Our services are designed to be a complete solution that enable you to benefit without the hassle. We do the work for you.



We visit your farm, determine the best course of action, and schedule the surveys



We utilize CropScout
to scan the orchard
on your behalf


Insight Generation

We process the data
in the cloud and
produce valuable insights



You are provided access to FarmAperture to share the results with your management teams

World Leading Technology
without compromise

Mapping yield and size is a difficult challenge because so much fruit is obscured by foliage and the canopy. A single picture of a tree may only capture a small proportion of the fruit.

Every orchard is different, which limits the accuracy of modelling. Furthermore, the yield changes each season even when trees stay the same size.

What is needed, is a technology which removes as much correlation, extrapolation and modelling from the data collection process as possible by directly counting and sizing the actual fruit itself.

At Dynium we have been working for 4 years to develop such a system. We take several pictures of every tree from multiple different perspectives. We then intelligently fuse those image counts together.

Our technology works in 3D space to ensure that the same apple seen in multiple images is not double counted.

Our multi-perspective imaging technique has been tested and refined across three growing seasons to deliver high accuracy in a range of growing styles.

We can identify where fruit vigor has been directed into yield vs size, and hence evaluate thinning performance or subtle changes in inputs such as soil type or irrigation.

We also validate our automated system with manual counts to give you the assurance you need to make your most critical decisions.

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